WordPress-Plugin für CKAN


Using the „WordPress-Plugin für CKAN“ data from an Open Data Portal built with CKAN can be shown very easily in WordPress. The Plugin supports data viewing of structured data:

  • display of maps with point of interest needles
  • create graphs
  • display of data tables
  • filtering of data with multiple criteria

CKAN Data viewing can be used on posts and on pages. Data viewing on widgets is …?

How to…?

Using the Plugin is done with one CKAN tag

[ckan <modifier>]<text>[/ckan]

The <text> is displayed un

<modifier> can be one or more of the following modifiers:


Modifier Description Example
url url points to the data file. The url is part of the Meta Data of the CKAN instancs. For data file referenced these types are supported: CSV. url=“http://ckan/xyz.csv“
metaurl metaurl points to the metadata(json) of the dataset. metaurl=“http://www.data.gv.at/katalog/api/rest
hiddencolumns A comma seperated list of hidden columns, which should not be shown on the grid. hiddencolumns=“Col1,Col2″


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